Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What if smack talk were allowed at a spelling bee?


My youngest daughter Olivia took part in the Spelling Bee held at her school yesterday, and she was sharing with me that the students need to be on their best behavior as they wait their turn.  No booing or even cheering.  This made me think...what would smack talk at a Spelling Bee look like?  Here are some of the possibilities I came up with...enjoy!

1)  Spell your word and immediately go to the Tim Tebow pose.
                             Image result for tim tebow pose

2)  Point at different students as you spell out each letter of your word.
              Image result for point finger at someone

3)  Insert an "Oh yeah, I'm the bomb!" after spelling your word.
                 Image result for oh yeah macho man

4)  Spell the word forwards, backwards, and then forwards again.

                            Image result for spelling backwards

5)  Spell the word, then spell its Spanish, French, German, and Chinese versions.

           Image result for bilingual

6)  And finally, sing songs from Queen after spelling each of your words.

    Image result for queen rock band  Image result for another one bites the dust

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Let's try this again!

I'm baaaaack!

A lot of life has happened since I blogged last.  What's bringing me back, you say?

Well, it's not the Lions making it to any Super Bowls.  As I write this, the Lions have turned in a 7-9 season with a win today.  They started slow, but they've ended well.  Hope springs eternal with our hopes possibly lying in the hands of coach Jim Caldwell and an offensive coordinator named Jim Bob Cooter.  Hopefully, it's not Calvin Johnson's last season.
Image result for jim caldwellImage result for jim bob cooter                  Image result for calvin johnson
My main conviction to enter the posting world again comes from a resolve to live life more intentionally not wasting it away on things like Candy Crush and a Spiderman game on an app that I have spent way too much time on.  I can too easily fill the blessing of free time with meaningless activities with very little value beyond entertainment.  I believe entertainment like many other blessings are gifts from God, but we can be guilty of turning these blessings into idols where we focus more upon them rather than the ultimate Giver.
Image result for candy crush       Image result for spider man game

 In talking with my wife Kim, I want to try to spend more of my free time writing more personal notes, reading books, writing (as I'm trying to demonstrate right now), and most importantly, spending quality time growing in my relationship with my Lord and Savior.
Image result for writing letters Image result for reading books  Image result for Bible
A lot has happened in the years since I last posted.  I'll try to get you updated on some of what has changed and what still remains the same in the next few posts.  Stay tuned!